Alec Socha | Student

Electrical Engineering

March 2018 - present: Undergraduate Researcher

pNEURO Lab Conference Abstracts:

  1. Ouyang Z, Barrera ND, Marcu VI, Schwartz JH, Socha AT, Sperry ZJ, Bruns TM. Behavioral monitoring and neuromodulation of feline bladder function. Society for Pelvic Research Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, December 1-2, 2018.

pNEURO Lab Conference Proceedings: 

  1. Ouyang Z, Barrera N, Marcu V, Socha A, Schwartz J, Sperry Z, Bruns TM. Behavioral Monitoring and Neuromodulation of Feline Voiding Function. Proceedings of 9th Intl IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 20-23, 2019, in press. Open Science Framework, 2018.