2019 News

Below is the news from the pNEURO Lab from 2019. 

June, 2019

  • News coming….

May, 2019

  • Two lab members graduated! Micah Levy graduated with his BS in Neuroscience with honors and Manorama Kadwani graduated with her MS in Biomedical Engineering.

April, 2019

  • A lab collaboration developing a direct-bladder interface was posted to bioRxiv as a paper preprint. Led by EECS, PhD student Lauren Zimmerman and former BS, MS student Chris Stephan are co-authors. This paper demonstrates a stretchable substrate that can deliver current to contract the bladder directly. It was funded by the NIH NIBIB.
  • A paper led by PhD student Aileen Ouyang was published at IEEE TNSRE. In this work she showed that real-time decoding of bladder pressure is possible, and that this decoding can be used for closed-loop neuromodulation. This study was supported by several grants from the NIH.

March, 2019

  • We attended the IEEE Neural Engineering conference in San Francisco. Dr. Bruns gave a workshop talk on the first day and plenary talk on the last day. PhD students Aileen Ouyang and Ahmad Jiman presented posters. We had a good U-M neural engineering group in attendance.
  • The Biointerfaces Institute held a Research Day. Dr. Bruns was awarded as the BI Faculty Innovator! He was at the IEEE conference, so Zach Sperry and Lauren Zimmerman gave a research talk on his behalf. Elizabeth Bottorff, Manorama Kadwani, and Hannah Parrish presented micro-posters. Zach was also an MC for the day, in his role leading the Biointerfaces Institute student group BIONIC (Biointerfaces Interlaboratory Committees).
  • Dr. Bruns was a co-author on a modeling paper published with BME collaborator Scott Lempka and Bobby Graham, in Clinical Neurophysiology., which showed that stimulation of dorsal root ganglia for pain likely activates myelinated fibers, not C-fibers.


January, 2019

  • The lab had a fun winter “party” during an evening of bowling.