September, 2017:

August, 2017:

  • We are excited to receive news of two new funding awards to the lab. 1) Our wrapping-up NIH SPARC U18 project on a novel dorsal root ganglia electrodes received a supplement to work with Vidrio Technologies on advanced neural signal analysis. 2) We were notified of receiving a separate, new SPARC project award through the OT2 mechanism. In this new award we will work with the John Seymour and Euisik Yoon lab of UM EECS and the Cindy Chestek lab of UM BME to develop novel small-nerve electrodes.


July, 2017:

  • Kate Finn wrapped up her SROP summer research with our lab by giving a great talk and poster presentation at the SROP Symposium.


  • The lab’s collaborative work on a new electrode device was included on a College of Engineering Research photography list – and by itself.

June, 2017:

  • We had a lab outing for paintball, and had a blast! This time we invited a couple of other neural engineering labs for a big group event.


  • The lab went out to lunch to send off long-time members Chris Stephan and Indie Rice.

May, 2017:

  • A College of Engineering photographer visited our lab for some candid pictures.
  • Lauren Zimmerman received a Rackham Graduate Student Grant.
  • Lauren co-organized the 2nd annual BME basketball tournament, which grew to a 4-on-4 7-team tourney including players from other departments. “Somehow” Dr. Bruns was again on the winning team!

April, 2017:

  • Lab members Anastasia Ostrowski, Chris Stephan, Indie Rice, and Alex Mundorf, and their teams, presented their BME Class Design projects at the Engineering Design Expo. The BME photographer captured them in action, as well as Dr. Bruns a few times.
  • Micah Levy received a Underwood-Alger Scholarship, for undergraduates majoring in biological sciences.
  • For her, now primary, research in engineering education, Anastasia wrapped up her M.S. by writing and defending a M.S. thesis, on “Individual and Course Structure Effects on Engineering Design Processes “!
  • Congratulations to Lauren Zimmerman, who officially became a BME PhD candidate after completing her Qualifying Exam!
  • Congratulations to our many lab graduates! Henry Hilow, Anastasia Ostrowski, Chris Stephan, and Lauren Zimmerman all received their M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering. Alex Mundorf, Dhara Patel, and Indie Rice finished their B.S. in Biomedical Engineering.
  • The NSF posted a news release on all NSF CAREER award winners, putting us “on the map.”

March, 2017:

  • Indie Rice was awarded a NSF GRFP! Here is a BME news story on the awardees from the department. She will be attending MIT in the fall.
  • We had a paper accepted at the Journal of Neural Engineering, “Chronic monitoring of lower urinary tract activity via a sacral dorsal root ganglia interface” with lab authors Abeer Khurram, Shani Ross, Zach Sperry, Aileen Ouyang, Chris Stephan, Ahmad Jiman, and Tim Bruns.
  • Our lab participated in a multi-weekend class through DAPCEP, showing high school kids engineering principals. For our Saturday, we guided the students through planning a neuroprosthesis controller using Backyard Brains kits and their muscles. At the end, we gave them all Michigan-themed brains, created by Ahmad and painted by Lauren (and modeled here by lab teachers Chris, Ahmad, Aileen, Zach, & Lauren).

February, 2017:

January, 2017:

  • Congratulations to Aileen Ouyang, who officially became a BME PhD candidate after completing all requirements for her Qualifying Exam!

November, 2016:

  • Congratulations to Ahmad Jiman, who officially became a BME PhD candidate after completing all requirements for his Qualifying Exam!
  • We had a busy Society for Neuroscience conference, with seven lab posters! Shani Ross, Ahmad Jiman, Lauren Zimmerman, Aileen Ouyang, and Indie Rice all had a poster, and Zach Sperry had two posters. It was a fun time in San Diego.

SfN16_Sperry SfN16_Ouyang SfN16_Jiman

SfN16_Zimmerman SfN16_Rice


September, 2016:

  • We became a fashionable lab, getting lab t-shirts! This was in celebration of our lab’s first publication.


August, 2016:

  • Congratulations to Zach Sperry, who officially became a BME PhD candidate after completing all requirements for his Qualifying Exam!
  • We had a fun lab event, playing whirlyball. What is whirlyball? A combination of bumper cars, jai-alai, and basketball!

2016Whirlyball   2016WhirlyballGroup


July, 2016:
July was a little quieter.

  • Congrats to Zach Ricca in wrapping up his SROP experience in the lab with an excellent poster session.


  • We were very excited to have our first lab paper accepted, at BMC Neuroscience, with Shani Ross, Zach Sperry, Colin Mahar, and Dr. Bruns as authors.

June, 2016:
June was quite busy, with a lot of activities.

  • Shani Ross and Lauren Zimmerman were both awarded Diversity Travel Awards to attend the upcoming NANS2-NIC meeting in Baltimore. In addition to Shani and Lauren, Aileen Ouyang and Zach Sperry will also be presenting posters.
  • For June 13th and 14th we had four posters at the NSF-supported International Conference for Advanced Neurotechnology, held at the University of Michigan. At this posting, they have all of the talks archived on video, which came from a stellar group of well-known researchers.


  • On June 23rd and 24th Zach Sperry led a College of Engineering Xplore Engineering Summer Camp workshop for kids of alumni. Many in the lab also helped out, in addition to other students in the neural engineering community, and we had a lot of fun. Our session used Backyard Brains kits to teach kids about talking to nerves. Here are links to the official flickr photo streams from Thursday (first, second, third sessions) and Friday (first, second, third sessions).


20160626_090559   IMG_20160627_210610284

April, 2016:
It has been another month with a lot of exciting news.

March, 2016:
This was a busy month for lab news.

February, 2016:
At the BME Career Day, Indie Rice was recognized for the Best Overall poster presentation and Anastasia Ostrowski was recognized for the Best Research Poster presentation.

November, 2015:
Our lab was joined with three other research groups across campus, in getting funded by the University of Michigan MCubed program. We are looking forward to some exciting results in this novel proposal.

October 17-21, 2015:
The lab was well represented at the Society for Neuroscience annual conference in Chicago, Illinois. Abeer Khurram, Shani Ross, and Zach Sperry all had active poster sessions, with support from co-authors Ahmad Jiman and Colin Mahar.

Abeer_SfN15    Shani_SfN15    Zach_SfN15

There was also plenty of time for lab activities outside the conference, with poster authors also joined by Lauren Zimmerman and Seth Ringel.

SfN15_pizza     SfN15_cloudgate     SfN15_poster    

October 7-10, 2015:
Dr. Bruns attended the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Fall Meeting, in Tampa, Florida. Anastasia Ostrowski, Indie Rice, and Chris Stephan also attended and did great jobs at presenting their posters.

Anastasia_BMES15    Indie_BMES15    Chris_BMES15

September, 2015:
Our lab was thrilled to receive official notification that we were one of 12 U18 projects funded by the new NIH Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC) program. The goal of our project, in collaboration with EECS colleagues Euisik Yoon and John Seymour, is to develop a novel electrode interface for exploring bladder neural control. In the table below, from the SPARC website, our project is the black box in the upper left.

SPARC_tableSeptember, 2015:
At the annual BME Graduate Student retreat, Zach Sperry was recognized with the first Derek Tat Memorial Award for First-Year PhD Student Excellence.

August 31, 2015:
The lab, joined by two EECS colleagues, had a blast paintballing at Futureball north of Ann Arbor. It was a great teambuilding event that we look forward to repeating.

August, 2015:
The lab is honored to be among the eleven university projects awarded with a grant from the MiBrain Initiative, for Seed Funding for Innovative Projects in Neuroscience. The MiBrain Initiative is described in this University Record article, and all funded projects are listed on this webpage.

Congrats to Zach Sperry for being accepted into the university’s Translational Research Education Certificate (TREC) program. Also, Indie Rice was notified that her abstract was accepted for the Undergraduate Research track at the Biomedical Engineering Society conference in October.

July, 2015:
It was a good month of news for the lab!

June, 2015:
Abeer Khurram, Shani Ross, and Zach Sperry all were notified that their Society for Neuroscience (SfN) conference abstracts were accepted for posters at the October meeting.

May, 2015:
Congratulations to Ahmad Jiman and Abeer Khurram for graduating with their Master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering. Below are some pictures from Ahmad’s time at graduation festivities.

Also congratulations to Indie Rice and Chris Stephan for receiving SURE fellowships to perform undergraduate research in the lab for the summer.

Spring, 2015:
Dr. Bruns and Shani are featured in a picture collage about the Biointerfaces Institute, as part of the NCRC 2014 Annual Report.

March, 2015:
Congratulations to Abeer Khurram for being awarded a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant.

January, 2015:
The lab is excited to start work on its first externally funded project. We are thankful to the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for providing support.

December, 2014:
Congratulations to Matt Biggers for being awarded a Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant and for graduating with his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.

November, 2014:
The lab attended Neuroscience 2014 in Washington, D.C. (November 15 to 19). Three posters were presented. One by Shani Ross on “Targeting sacral dorsal root ganglia for concurrent monitoring and control of bladder function via electrical stimulation”, another by Sai Rajagopalan on “Potential of neural-network based modeling of bladder pressure from sacral dorsal root ganglia recordings”, and a third by John Bentley on “Identification of bladder afferent types with multielectrode arrays in sacral dorsal root ganglia.”

June 24, 2014:
The lab attended the 41st Neural Interfaces Conference in Dallas, Texas (June 23 to 25). Two posters were presented. One by John Bentley on “Identifying subpopulations of bladder afferents with a sacral dorsal root ganglia microelectrode array interface” and another by Shani Ross on “Development of a closed-loop bladder control neuroprosthesis using a sacral dorsal root ganglia interface”.

June 1, 2014:
Shani Ross was notified of receiving a Diversity Travel Award to attend the upcoming Neural Interfaces Conference in Dallas. Congrats Shani!

April 5, 2014:
BME undergraduate student Anastasia Ostrowski presented the first conference poster from the lab, on “Dorsal root ganglion cell density analysis for microelectrode array development” at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Lexington, Kentucky. Co-authors were Shani Ross and Tim Bruns.

Late December, 2013:
The lab was ready for move-in, after several months of prep and remodeling. Thanks to other facilities at NCRC, we had already collected data.

September 3, 2013:
The lab officially began as Dr. Bruns started his first day as an Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Engineering department. Initial core lab members were Kaile Bennett, John Bentley and Shani Ross. Matt Biggers, Anastasia Ostrowski and Brij Patel joined soon thereafter, as part-time researchers.